How Invoice Reminders Can Boost Your Cash Flow

There are few things more important in the world of business than understanding how your cash flow system works. Conducting a cash flow forecast can help you get a clear insight into the heart of your business, so that you can determine the health of your company in the upcoming weeks and months. Once you [...]

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Insane Tax Deductions that Businesses Have Tried to Claim

  Dealing with your taxes every year can be a serious headache. There are some many different rules and regulations to think about, that the information and the numbers can quickly haze together into a stream of frustrating nonsense. This is one of the many reasons why bookkeepers are such an effective solution for small [...]

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Why Using Xero for Your Business Makes Great Sense

Most professionals spend hours, or even days struggling to work through their receipts at the end of a tax year - desperately sorting through boxes and scribbling down haphazard calculations. Even if your accounting efforts are reasonably organized, you might have found that you got quite a shock about how much you owed when your [...]

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Why Cloud Accounting is Good for Business

  Systems for cloud accounting are one of the most revolutionary things to come out of the modern technology age for small businesses. Both accounting practices and the businesses that they work with benefit from a real-time connection that takes place through flexible cloud-computing software. Not only does this approach to bookkeeping make managing your [...]

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Xero and Dropbox Integration

  An innovation in the world of virtual bookkeeping has led to more efficient financial management solutions for small businesses today. Xero, one of the most innovative solutions for digital bookkeeping available, combined its cloud-based platform with the popular "Dropbox" service for storage. While many web users are well aware of Dropbox as one of [...]

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