6 Things You Can Do to Invoice Smarter for Better Cash Flow

Most business owners know that cash flow is crucial. Without a smooth cash flow, you expose your business to the problems associated with missed payments, forgotten invoices, and badly organized accounts (even with the help of a bookkeeper!). If your invoicing system isn't arranged for success, then your business will be placed under constant [...]

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The Positive Influence of Cloud Computing on Virtual Businesses

The cloud is quickly finding its place within numerous modern business applications, from allowing you to access your office desktop from your home computer, to ensuring that you have constant access to your financial information and bookkeeping. Used properly, the cloud can be the tool that accelerates your business into the future, placing you ahead [...]

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8 Tips for Reducing Your Overhead Costs

If you're running your own small business, you'll quickly find that overhead costs can quickly emerge as a serious problem. Typical overhead costs for a business can range from things like utilities and rent, to marketing and office supplies - all factors that are standard in running a business. While the costs of operating [...]

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