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Strapped for Time? 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs

As an innovative and savvy entrepreneur, the chances are that you devote a lot of your time - both personal and professional - to the process of building and improving your businesses. From marketing and sales to IT functions and customer service, the minutes you have left over to evaluate the next steps for your [...]

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How to Stop Losing Sleep Over Your Money Worries

If you're kept awake at night by visions of overdue bills and concerns about mounting debt, then it might help to know that you're not alone. According to a report from CreditCards.com, about 62% of all Americans are often losing their beauty sleep stressing about at least one financial issue. However, just because you have [...]

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Banishing Cash Flow Surprises that Could Kill Your Business

Most people already know just how valuable cash flow can be to their company - but do you understand that it could mean the difference between business death, and business growth? The truth is that 90% of the small businesses that get started in the market today end up having to close their doors for [...]

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4 Tips for Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

Being a business owner and entrepreneur can make things a little unpredictable from time to time. Particularly when you're just starting off, creating a brand image and a company - it can seem as though creating the right work-life balance is impossible. Fortunately, there are some useful tips out there that can make the process [...]

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3 Bookkeeping Invoice Tips for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you probably know that your work isn't really done until you've created an invoice and billed your client for the services that you have performed. Unfortunately, for small businesses and those who work on a freelance basis, invoicing isn't always a priority. Despite the importance of ensuring you get paid for your [...]

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3 Tips on How to Be the Boss of Cash flow

Running a business is tough. Not only do you have to come up with an incredible idea that's going to get your customers racing to your door or website - but you also have to figure out how to keep on top of all the numbers and finances that keep your company afloat. Anything [...]

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Understanding the Value of Your Business Ecosystem

A world of constantly growing and changing technology has revolutionized the operation of small to medium sized businesses across the world. From cloud technology that minimizes the costs associated with running a business, to online tools that allow companies to monitor the growth of their business through essential metrics. However, although the way in [...]

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The 3 Money Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

  If the majority of your time in business has been spent worrying about how you manage your budget and cash flow, then it's safe to say you're not alone. Plenty of companies pour over their monthly incoming and outgoing statements, worrying about how they're going to make a bigger profit in the years [...]

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The 6 Invoicing Tips That Will Get You Paid Faster

When you're a business owner, there are few things more frustrating than waiting for late payments to arrive from your customers - particularly when those customers fail to pay up their invoices on time month, after month. Late payments not only leave you with extra problems to think about, but they can have a [...]

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How Bad Bookkeeping Tactics Are Hurting Your Business

Bookkeeping might not be the most exciting, or the most popular task in running a business - but that doesn't make it any less essential when it comes to making sure that you're building towards success - rather than falling towards failure. Without an understanding of the numbers behind your company, it's impossible to [...]

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