What is the “cloud”?2016-05-15T05:54:25+09:00

If you own a computer, there’s a good chance you have utilized cloud computing. Email sites like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo are all cloud based which means that you access your account and data online. It is not stored on your computer. In the accounting world “the cloud” is where you access your software, files and data at any time, from any device as long as you have an internet connection. It’s changing the way businesses communicate, bank, work, sell and buy.

When it comes to cloud based accounting software Xero is the absolute HERO!

Why Xero?2016-05-15T05:57:22+09:00

Xero is all you need to do beautiful business and run things more efficiently. So many people around the globe are loving the world’s easiest accounting software and you will too. With the flexibility to be run anywhere anytime, Xero is the best choice. With bank feeds that are connected to your bank accounts, seeing your cashflow in real time makes a huge difference to your success. I know that you as a business owner don’t want to be spending all your time on the numbers. Your business advisors, ie: accountant and bookkeeper, can check in on your accounts, see how things are going and give advice based on real time data.

There are also a tonne of add ons that integrate seamlessly with Xero to help your business run more smoothly. Get in touch with me today and receive your first month of Xero subscription free.

I don’t use Xero at the moment I use another software?2016-05-15T05:58:23+09:00

That’s ok we can provide a file conversion from MYOB or Quickbooks, contact us for more info.

What if I’m very behind with my books?2016-05-15T05:59:16+09:00

No problem! We understand that this can happen and can definitely help you get your books back up to date to ensure all compliancy. Contact us to discuss. Please note that all recovery jobs will be charged at the hourly rate of $55 per hr + GST.

Can you lodge my BAS?2016-05-15T06:00:09+09:00

Absolutely! We hold a registered BAS Agents License and can take care of all your BAS needs. Click here to find out more.

Do you do Tax Returns?2016-05-15T06:00:39+09:00

No we do not but we can put you intouch with some fantastic accountants who will work closely with us to complete your tax and endo year requirements.

I cant find a Bookkeeping Package that suits my business2016-05-15T06:01:35+09:00

No problem. We completely understand that every business has it’s own unique needs. Book a free 15min consultation and we can work out a package to suit your needs. We also offer our services at an hourly rate of $55 per hr

I’m worried about security issues2016-05-15T06:02:38+09:00

Of course security is a very serious matter. Bright Cloud Bookkeeping and Xero use Bank grade security functions to ensure your data is secure. You can read more here.

Do you offer payroll services?2016-05-15T06:03:58+09:00

We sure do, and we make it simple for you by charging per payslip. We utilize the fantastic Employee Portal functions in Xero to obtain timesheet information from your employees. We also use Xero’s Auto Super function to lodge your employee super obligations. Please note that you will need and Xero Premium 10 subscription in order for us to take care of your super. Is you do not have that level of subscription you can always upgrade.

What information do I need to provide to you?2016-05-15T06:04:39+09:00

When you sign up we get your basic business information from you and we send you instructions on how we will proceed.