An innovation in the world of virtual bookkeeping has led to more efficient financial management solutions for small businesses today. Xero, one of the most innovative solutions for digital bookkeeping available, combined its cloud-based platform with the popular “Dropbox” service for storage.

While many web users are well aware of Dropbox as one of the companies at the forefront of the cloud storage revolution, for businesses, the integration with Xero software could mean that Dropbox has finally begun to offer a reliable and business-minded solution for companies. In fact, the Xero and Dropbox integration has even lead to a special joint offer to be introduced specifically for small businesses, meaning that businesses on a smaller scale have greater access than ever to the most innovative bookkeeping technology around.

How The Xero and Dropbox Integration Works

The Xero and Dropbox partnership allows for users of Dropbox storage systems to directly share documents from their business or personal accounts with their bookkeeping systems. In other words, sharing crucial files with your bookkeeper has never been easier – regardless of where you are. The partnership between both companies emerged as an effort to demonstrate the continuing support and innovation that Xero focuses on delivering to small businesses, and it provides an insight into why Xero is one of the most popular systems in use today.

The integration with Dropbox was no surprise when it was first announced, as Xero had been teaming with various tech giants in an effort to boost its presence for several months. The company even conducted an agreement with Google to integrate tools and apps that made it more convenient for small businesses to manage their files, and create invoices or quotes for customers.

The Benefits of Xero and Dropbox

Xero is heavily invested in creating the most user-friendly accounting software for bookkeepers and small businesses alike. As such, the integration with Dropbox could be a useful feature for company owners with little time on their hands.

For instance, if you’ve created a folder inside of your Dropbox account that is dedicated specifically to storing copies of your receipts, invoices, and other expenses, the contents of that folder can be imported directly into Xero, without the need to zip that folder and send it as a link.

For business managers, the simplicity of the process eliminates the need to remember more usernames and passwords in order to share links to the file. What’s more, as is the case with many pieces of software in the cloud, you’ll never have to upgrade the installation on your local computer. Xero and Dropbox work to make everything to do with your finances intuitive and direct – exactly what you should expect from a bookkeeping system.

Revolutionary Bookkeeping

The decision to launch a partnership with Dropbox was influenced by a survey undertaken by Xero that asked small and medium-sized businesses in Australia how they planned to use cloud computing within the next year. Because the most significant responses were: online backup, collaboration, file sharing, and accounting, the Dropbox and Xero integration emerged as an obvious solution.

It’s easy to see why Xero has been hailed the most innovative company for growth by Forbes Magazine, and has emerged as one of the fastest growing SAAS companies in the world. Over the years, Xero has developed relationships with thousands of accounting and bookkeeping partners, and is now capable of connecting to over 7,500 bank feeds with 5,000 financial institutions across the globe.

Why Should You Use Xero and Dropbox?

So why should the Xero and Dropbox integration make a difference to your business? Accounting, business continuity, and collaboration have become the core of a successful organization. The cloud solutions offered by Xero and Dropbox allow businesses to get better control over their finances, manage their books, and access everything they need to be successfully up and running from day one.